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Business case


A new offer

Since 2013, we have been supporting the Proxiserve company in its digital transformation. Specialised in the B2C and B2B sale and maintenance of boilers, radiators and hot-water tanks, the goal is to place customers at the heart of the strategy by offering a smooth, omni-channel experience.

Whether it be online, by telephone or in an agency, customer orders and knowledge must remain continuous and transversal.

In 2017, Kaliop Digital Commerce was commissioned to merge all the Proxiserve network's websites and create a new offer that is closer to customers: Mon Chauffagiste Privé.

Thomas Stoky
Project Director


New offer

  • New UX

    By capitalising on customer knowledge acquired since 2013 focused on needs and research, we have built a new UX with enhanced product categories, which comes with a service-related feature. Thanks to customer feedback, we saw that each product category has its own related research methods. For instance, when it comes to gas toilets, the main entry point will be the choice of the product’s position: horizontal or vertical?  We therefore defined each product’s main search criteria, followed by secondary criteria found in advanced filtered search listings. The service feature consists of a selection guide containing funnel questions to guide visitors and offer them adequate products, as well as the possibility to schedule setup appointments.

  • A Magento base

    With more than 500 meetings booked on the online platform each month, the idea is to achieve reliable and easy to use customer service. The Magento platform enables the creation of an appointment scheduling tool by setting a date, a location and information on existing elements to be replaced with a new boiler, hot-water tank or radiator.

  • Technicians tablets

    Proxiserve technicians received a series of tablets so that they may ensure quality service during interventions. In the case of small part replacement, or to schedule an appointment, technicians use the Mon Chauffagiste Privé website using the connected tablet. This grants access to the entire product catalogue, but also to customer information while on the move.


Following the new offer's implementation in July 2017

  • Appointment scheduling via the new website

  • Average basket for the product and service offer

  • Troubleshooting interventions performed online


Results that are in line with our ambitions

A boiler is a product whose complexity can act as a brake for a private customer's purchase. With the new website, we wanted to provide consulting to our customer in order to help them choose the right product and receive a quote that closely matches their needs.

We have also facilitated online ordering by integrating a tablet application that allows the technician to take over and conclude an online order at the customer's home.

Nicolas André
Head of E-Commerce at Proxiserve

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