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Business case

Texto Shoes

Support Texto teams daily to breathe life into their online shoes and accessories brand.

Texto has found Kaliop Digital Commerce to be a strategic partner, able to continuously help it fulfill and improve its digital commerce policy.
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- Offer customised experience to increase sales and average basket rates

- Contribute daily and proactively to impose the user path and animate the website

- Optimise digital commerce operations (stock management, newsletter, marketplace, in-store sales tablets, click & collect)

E-commerce website

redesign methodology

  • Framing and analysis of needs (functional workshops and specifications drafting)
  • Creation of graphic modules
  • Development, integration and testing
  • Continuous optimisation training and support


  • 1.

    [Creative redesign] An ever more appealing and useful website! Thanks to behavioural analysis, Kaliop Digital Commerce offers continuous optimisation of the website's UX/UI.

  • 2.

    [Customer experience customisation] Personalised customer experience. With the implementation of an innovative partner solution, the website automatically offers customised content in real-time.

  • 3.

    [Stock item optimisation] Improved stock item up-to-dateness. The stock, in-store sales and online store interfaces have been optimised.


Key figures | September 2016 vs September 2017

  • Average basket:

  • Sessions:

  • Traffic:


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