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Host your website while ensuring its continuous performance and securing your data.

At the heart of business

The availability and performance of your digital projects constitutes a core business issue: websites must always remain accessible and quick to load, especially in times of high traffic linked to your marketing schedule.

We work hand in hand with the best e-commerce hosting platforms to source and develop the best offers to match your needs.

Nicolas Schall
Production Director

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  • Hosting support

    Choice and offer

    We support you in selecting the ideal hosting platform for your digital commerce project, and in choosing the best offer to match your needs among our pool of partners. Our selection criteria are as follow:

    • Infrastructure availability
    • Security features
    • Backup policy
    • Allocated bandwidth for the project
    • Technical support and SLA
  • Performance support

    Live performance of your website

    In order to facilitate interactions and for purposes of continuous improvement, the Kaliop Digital Commerce agency has established a partnership with the Quanta Computing monitoring solution, enabling the real-time analysis of your website and servers’ performance. Quanta Computing Features:

    • Intervene immediately in the event of overload
    • Optimise project performance
    • Optimise development performance
    • Monitor your website’s performance in real-time
    • Make sure your sales tunnel is available (add to basket, …)
    • Receive e-mail or text alerts 24/7 in the event of an incident
    • Receive support from an independent third party to guarantee your SLA
    • Magento Optimise your website sustainably thanks to the Magento profiling module
As part of our website's makeover, the Kaliop Digital Commerce agency has been proactive and has supported us in selecting our hosting platform, also helping us shape and design the service upstream.

Kaliop Digital Commerce ensures continuous infrastructure monitoring thanks to the SaaS-based QUANTA solution we chose to install in parallel, or with the implementation of boosters during online traffic peaks.
Morgane Robert
Head of e-commerce at Madura
Martin Meunier - Business Developer Kaliop Digital Commerce