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Kaliop Digital Commerce supports you in your international development: logistics, international payment, translation, SEO, etc.

Internationalization: a major growth vector

At the time of connected commerce, the concept of borders no longer exists. The world is an important growth reservoir for brands. They must be well supported to face the many challenges: localization of the offer, setting up of distribution networks, adaptations to taxes and legislation ...

Via our partners, we propose you to conquer these new markets. Whether you want to develop your international business from France or through independent subsidiaries, we offer you local support thanks to our teams in France and around the world.

Romuald Cornillet


  • 1.

    Localized navigation: multilingual content, prices expressed in local currency, local tariff policy, VAT management

  • 2.

    Localized checkout: alternative and local payment methods, calculation of customs duties and prepayment, localized delivery options

  • 3.

    Logistics: carrier's portfolio, online order tracking, online return tracking

  • 4.

    Marketing knowledge: local price strategies, information on local markets

  • 5.

    Risk management: no risk of fraud, PCI / DPA compliance, import restrictions by country

Our partners

We work with a network of partners to assist you in all aspects of international sales.

- Transport: Global E and BorderLinx
- International payment: Adyen
- Order Management: OMS Magento
- Translation: Text Master
- SEO: Cybercité

Each project is specific and requires tailor-made advice, contact us to study together your international development topics.

Our references

Barbara Bui
Case study: Un Jour Ailleurs
Case study: Mellow Yellow

Order Management System

Thanks to the implementation of a powerful sales order management module, the shopping experience of your customers is finally connected and harmonized on all sales channels. Kaliop Digital Commerce advises you in the choice of solutions and components of your OMS to adapt it to your needs and assist you in your growth.
- Adopt, across all channels, a single view that gives you the information to direct orders to the most appropriate processing centers through distributed order management
- Process your orders in an omnichannel fashion by transforming your stores, suppliers and partners into mini-distribution centers
- Enjoy a global view of your inventory anywhere in the world, including transit, thanks to intelligent sourcing

Martin Meunier - Business Developer Kaliop Digital Commerce