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PIM – Product information management

Optimise your multi-channel strategy by centralising product information.

A message from the Account Manager

The PIM or Product Information Manager (otherwise known as PDM, product MDM) is the interface that manages all the data contained in your product repository.

Kaliop Digital Commerce has naturally chosen to develop its PIM expertise in order to support its customers - who are merchants themselves - in improving the quality of their product data, hence generating a positive transformation rate directly.

Aurélien Goutal
Account Manager

PIM features

  • Gather and centralise product data
  • Enhance and monitor data quality
  • Manage your catalogue products
  • Segment and distribute your catalogues through different channels

For who?

  • 1.

    For marketers who are anxious to offer an outstanding multi-channel product experience

  • 2.

    For information system managers who want to work with structured and consistant corporate data

  • 3.

    For buyers who wish to strengthen the quality of their dealings with suppliers

  • 4.

    For e-commerce managers who understand how product quality affects online sales

Our PIM references

Pacific Peche
Charles Viancin
Martin Meunier - Business Developer Kaliop Digital Commerce