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Legal Notices

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Corporate name: SOON SAS
Headquarters: 94 / 96 Avenue Ledru-Rollin 75011 Paris France
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Publication manager: Romuald CORNILLET


The contents present on this website are only provided for purposes of general information. Although we do strive for all information on this website to be up-to-date and correct, mistakes can appear from time to time. This website is not necessarily updated on a daily basis and some information may be outdated. Before undertaking any action on the basis of information found on our website, you must always acknowledge other sources if your search has a decision-making purpose.

This website may provide links or references to other websites not inspected by SOON SAS. Consequently, SOON SAS cannot be held liable for any content present on these websites and cannot be held accountable for any damage resulting from the use of or appeal to such content, nor of the access or impossibility to access these websites. Links that redirect to other websites are only provided to users of this website for convenience purposes.

The fact that our website is freely accessible does not mean that we waive our rights or the rights of any third party to the content on our website. The contents available on this website are the property of SOON SAS or its licensors and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. You may freely display and print the information obtained on this website for your personal use, but you may not otherwise reproduce any content without the prior written consent of its owner. You can freely encourage other people to access the information available on this website themselves and tell them how to find it. Requests for permission to reproduce or distribute content found on this website should be addressed to: SOON SAS, 94/96 Avenue Ledru-Rollin, 75011 PARIS.

To issue such a request, send us en email using the appropriate form.


Copyright of any content provided on this website belongs to SOON SAS or to the content’s third party owner. Subject to the provisions hereof, no content on this website may be copied, reproduced, distributed, republished, downloaded, displayed, posted or disclosed in any form or by any means, including in electronic form, paper photocopy, recording or other without the prior written consent of SOON SAS or the third party owner of the content. Unauthorized use of any material on this site may violate copyright laws, privacy and publicity regulations, and communications laws and regulations, as well as any other national and local laws.


We invite you to send us your questions and comments about your website or to report any content you deem to be incorrect. Please send us your comments with a copy of the incriminated content attached by email (


Thank you to all collaborators for this team work!

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Publication manager: Romuald Cornillet
MOA project manager: Yann Fressignaud
VP marketing & communication: Carole Ramstein
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Outsourcing: Aurélien Goutal

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