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Alphalyr is an all-in-one, user-centric multi-channel performance management solution. Manage your sales and marketing campaigns in real time by taking into account customer journeys and the on and offline sales context.

Key features

  • All your multi-source data unified in real time
  • Your customer journey decoded and an optimized marketing budget
  • Your Google Analytics data certified and cleaned

Who is this solution for?

Alphalyr is aimed at all those who impact sales performance. Each manager receives a personalized email at the beginning of the day. Short and easy to read, this email provides everyone with the information they need for a productive working day.
Discover Alphalyr


  • 1.

    REAL TIME BUSINESS DATA Alphalyr collects and merges the latest data from all internal and external sources and builds a single clear email so that decisions can be made as early as 9:00.

  • 2.

    CUSTOMIZED BY FUNCTION, DESIGNED FOR ACTION To start the day, each decision-maker receives a unique email with the most up-to-date KPIs and analyses - no more, no less. Each online and offline sales report is designed to take action: ergonomic and personalized for each profile - CEO, CDO, marketing, sales or traffic.

  • 3.

    AN ALIGNMENT OF YOUR ONLINE & OFFLINE BUSINESS Once everyone has a clear vision of their KPIs - the factors that influence them, what connects them - Alphalyr's sales reports achieve their ultimate goal: you are more agile, your digital and field teams are aligned.

We have been associated with Kaliop Digital Commerce for almost 4 years, as Alphalyr was quickly identified by Kaliop Digital Commerce as an expert in the quality of analytical data to ensure reliable data and analysis to these customers. In this respect, we have supported many Kaliop Digital Commerce customers to enable them to optimally monitor their KPIs. We were able to see the seriousness and commitment of Kaliop Digital Commerce towards its customers. We look forward to continuing this partnership with our 2 new products Alphalyr Elitrack Marketing Studio and Alphalyr Agile Management System.
Constance Rietzler
Co-founder & VP Marketing, Alphalyr
Martin Meunier - Business Developer Kaliop Digital Commerce