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A fitting size solution

Help your customer choose the right size from your brand

Expert on morphological and digital data, Fitizzy offers a solution for choosing size whatever the product and sales channel, in the world of retail. His expertise is based on his ability to calculate the measurements of a human body with very few information (gender, age, weight, person’s stature). Moreover, Fitizzy developed, at the heart of its solution, algorithms capable of generating the recommendation of the most appropriate size whatever the product (brand, textile material, cut, etc.)
Discover the Fitizzy solution


  • Increase sales
  • Reduction of returns related to errors in the choice of size
  • Optimization of stocks by point of sale
  • Provision of better services to facilitate the purchase

Fitizzy solution

Key functionalities

  • Online service

    Plugin for e-commerce site:

    It integrates with the product pages of e-commerce sites instead of the traditional size guide.

  • Data service

    KPIs Fitizzy:

    All information collected through Fitizzy products is made available to their partners and processed into morphological and environmental data enabling monitoring of performance of the device.

  • Crosscanal service

    Store device:

    Integration of the solution with a fitting room and in the digital supports (terminals, tablets) to be accompanied sales teams to advise their customers on the right size, as well as in the mobiles application of the brands.

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Kalliop Agency! The various interlocutors with whom we interact are always reactive to meet the needs expressed by our common customers. The team is the force of proposals and attentive to the evolution of our sector. A beautiful partnership that we have together!”
Sébastien RAMEL
CSO & Co-founder of Fitizzy
Martin Meunier - Business Developer Kaliop Digital Commerce