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QUANTA COMPUTING is a analytics solution that helps you improve page load time at each step of your E-commerce funnel.


Positioning itself transversely by gathering data from the different technical layers, its aim is, on the one hand, to very quickly identify the source of a problem or a slowdown that may arise - to react more quickly and limit financial loss - and, on the other hand, optimize the speed of page loading time while maximising sales.

Who is this solution for?

  • E-commerce managers wishing to maximise their conversion rate and offer fast experience on their websites
  • Information system managers wishing to remain in control with peace of mind during high traffic peaks
  • Project management teams who concerned with quality control during development phases
  • Marketers wishing to improve their SEO thanks to very fast response time favoured by Google
It is a pleasure to work alongside Kaliop Digital Commerce on more and more e-commerce projects. The reason is simple: we share with them common values of pragmatism and a constant pursuit of excellence on the subject of Web Performance. After several years of partnerships, we see that the sites managed by Kaliop Digital Commerce are always faster and more stable thanks to constant monitoring and the expertise of the team in the Quanta solution.
Guillaume THIBAUX
CEO Quanta

Key functions

  • 1.

    Share important information with your teams Common KPIs presented in Quanta raise awareness among all teams (marketing, developers, hosting platform) on the importance of Web Performance at the service of the website's revenue.

  • 2.

    Focus on what matters Quanta offers a pragmatic approach of Web Performance allowing you to focus on ’’quick wins’’.

  • 3.

    React in real-time Because it's never pelassent to discover a problem from one's customers, Quanta proactively alerts you in the event of a downturn that can hinder your navigation tunnel and sales objectives.

  • 4.

    Prepare yourself for traffic peaks Whether your website is rocketing up or undergoing regular developments, it is important to regularly ensure that its traffic capacity remains ahead of your actual traffic.

Our partnership with Quanta-Computing allows us to guarantee the long-term sustainability of our clients' e-commerce projects so that they may focus on the marketing levers to optimize their conversion rate and their revenue.

The alerting feature, coupled with the profiling Backfire app and the screenshot of the encountered issue during the scrolling scenario, allowed us to perform corrections in record time!
Aurélien Goutal
Managing Director

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See the Quanta website
Martin Meunier - Business Developer Kaliop Digital Commerce